The Sunday Currently | 09

My sisters don't want to watch Breaking Bad with me and Jorge. HUHU. 


articles in my Pocket. They're mostly about how to stay positive and live a happier life. 


and editing blog posts for the coming week! Keywords: Beauty, Photography, Personal (ano pa ba diba? HAHA)




about what to do for our first wedding anniversary. I want to go to Dawson City but that's 6 hours away from Whitehorse, but I know that July 24th is going to be an amazing day, I proclaim it!


the electronic air freshener in our kitchen. I still don't know what scent it is! All I know is that is smells so nice!


for my Sephora shipping to be in safe hands. I don't want to be greeted by a shattered Becca highlight that's worth $46!


for more beautiful warm but overcast days. HAHA. Overcast skies make pictures look so much better.


my striped cropped top and my Tarzan sleeping shorts. 


Starbucks' Mango Black Tea Lemonade! I told myself to stop drinking the S'mores Frappe because it's making me feel fat, so Jorge and I tried the black tea lemonade and OMG, it's so good! If your country offers, it, go give it a try! It's even better than the Berry Hibiscus thingy.


for all my purchases to arrive this coming week! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! I'm excited for my new things! <3


to be more strict about my diet and my running drive. I HAVE to STOP making excuses, but sometimes, there are just days when I feel exhausted and crappy that I don't want to cause my body any more pain. HAHA. EXCUSES! 


really great today. Last night, I was out by 11PM and slept through the whole night! I woke up at 7AM today and it's such a nice feeling to have had 8 hours of sleep without having to sleep-in. Yey!