Makeup Monday: Strobing


They say that strobing is the new trend in the makeup world right now and basically, it's just doing an intense highlight all over your face!  

Many ladies are loving this technique because it gives the skin a beautiful glow as if you've just been out basking under the sun all day when in reality, it's just makeup! It's so perfect for this summer season! If you're going to sweat anyway, might as well be glowingly beautiful at the same time! If you are naturally oily then good for you because you don't have to do this! You're just naturally glowing already! 

What I like about this technique is that it really gives definition to the face without having the need to heavily contour, and, it's very easy to do!




To achieve this look, you'll just need a bunch of highlighters. You can also use shimmery (Golden, peachy or champagne-y) eyeshadows to highlight! The ones I like to use are Benefit's Watts Up highlighting stick, the Champagne shade in the Chocolate Bar Palette, ELF's Golden Bronzer and sometimes, the stark white shimmery shade of ELF's Prism Eyeshadow Palette.



• Cheekbones

• Bridge of the nose

• Chin

• Inner corners of the eyes

• Brow bone

• Forehead

• Cupid's bow


You can also pat some highlighter on the lips to make them look a little fuller.  If you really want to take it to the next level, highlight your shoulders and your collar bones! 

WARNING: Strobing isn't for everyone. Highlighting has its cons. It will definitely make you look oily and shiny so if you're not about that life, strobing isn't for you. This technique also accentuates the tiny bumps on the face. If you have acne-prone skin or if you have flaky skin, strobing can be a little tricky because it will highlight these imperfections.  (refer to the before and after photo above. You will notice that my "strobed" face accentuated the bump on my left cheek and my forehead scar.)


So the question is, 

                 do you like the 'strobing' look?

or are you more of a matte type of gal? 

P.S. Sorry about the amount of selfies in this post. haha