26 Week Bumpdate

Before we get into my 26 week bumpdate, I wanted to share my not-so pleasant visit to the ER a few nights ago.

Monday night, I experienced the worst chest pain ever. I wasn't exactly sure what I was feeling, but I just assumed it was heartburn. So I let it be, hoping it would just eventually go away. But a couple hours have gone by, the pain has just worsened, and for some reason, my arms started to feel limp and I had trouble breathing. That's when I felt a little alarmed and told Jorge. We called our insurance and talked to their representative to explain my situation and to ask for advice on what we should do. With the symptoms I provided, they said that it could probably just be heartburn, but to make sure it's not my heart or my lungs, they told me to go the hospital to get checked up.

So off to the hospital Jorge and I went. We arrived at the ER at 2:15AM, and we didn't really get to see the doctor until 6AM. They did an EKG on me, blood work, a chest x-ray, and a a lung scan, which all came back normal (THANK GOD). They also did a 20-minute monitor on the baby to make sure I wasn't having any contractions. This was when I realized how much my baby loves to move. It's almost like she was kicking the monitor off my belly, it was cute. They poked me with needles twice, and I was given meds for the acid in my stomach which caused the pain. In the end, the doctor said that it was just heartburn caused by the pregnancy. Our baby's growing, so there's pressure building inside me, which pushed all the gases and acids upward, causing the overwhelming amount of pain in my chest. Whew! I'm just glad it wasn't anything serious, and that our baby is completely fine. After all was said and done, we were out of the hospital by 10:30AM.

Hopefully, this is the last time I see the hospital until I give birth, because the ER is such an inconvenient place. /endstory

Now let's hop onto my 26 week bumpdate!

Corinth's 26 Week Bumpdate
Corinth's 26 Week Bumpdate

HOW FAR ALONG: 26 Weeks (5.9 Months)

HOW BIG IS BABY: OurLittleSuarez is as big as Kale (14.0 inches, 1.68 lbs.)

MATERNITY CLOTHES: Still wearing my trusty maternity leggings from Kohls and loose tops. I need to go thrift shopping for mommy clothes soon since it's starting to warm up. Yey!

SLEEP: Sleep has been hard! My back hurts so much, so I always feel restless in bed, making it hard for me to fall asleep. I started putting an extra pillow behind me for support but I'm not sure it's helping. Also, pee, pee, pee.

MISS ANYTHING: I miss medium rare steaks. :(

MOVEMENT: Baby girl has been quite active! I also feel like she's expanding her territory because I usually feel her on my right side, but lately, she's been moving all around my belly. I love her! Hopefully I get her movements on IG story soon. 

CRAVINGS: For some weird reason, I've been craving bubble tea these past couple of weeks. Taro Milk Tea with bubbles and pudding to be more specific. So thankful to have a husband who loves the food and drinks I love so it's always an easy decision. HAHA.

HOW I'M FEELING: Like I said, I feel a lot of pain in my back. Working on the computer for long periods of time doesn't help so I try to rest throughout the day. I feel so much better since the ER visit though, and I haven't really felt any heartburns, thank God. Overall, I feel good. I'm about to say hello to my third trimester and I know it will only go downhill from here, so please keep baby and I in your prayers. <3

PS: Got this post format from Courtney Shields.